Charlotte poulsen



1950 Born in Horsens (Denmark).

1968 Internship in Denmark Birgit and Rocca Knüpfer.

1969-1973 Studies ceramic Kunstakademi Aarhus (DK)

1972 Discovery of the terminal and Pierre Mestre workshop

1974 Internship at Pierre Mestre and in La Borne Anne Kjærsgaard (F).

1975-1978 Workshop Achères (Cher).

1978-1980 Professor of Ceramics, Aarhus Kunstakademi.

1981 Back in France, shop in La Borne.

1982-2006 30 years of associational life bornoise.

1982 Membership in the association of La Borne potters (APLB).

1984-1999 Commission "Visiting Artists", programming and installation of exhibitions.

from 1996 Member of the ceramic center of La Borne (CCLB).

2003 Head of the first artist in residence at La Borne, where contemporary ceramist,

        Gagan Dadich, Rajasthan, stayed.

1999-1903 President of the Creation Centre Ceramic La Borne (CCCLB)

2003- 06 then Vice-President.

2007- 2012 Commission Correspondent "guest artists" to "Contemporary Ceramics Centre

         La Borne" (France): contacts, programming and installation of exhibitions.


Personal exhibitions

2011 - "Charlotte Poulsen and Eric Zambeaux" Herbignac (Loire-Atlantique), 4 and 5 June

          "Charlotte Poulsen and Montserrat Torrents", Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste, Toucy

          (Yonne) from 5 November to 6 January 2012.

2010 - "Carte Blanche Charlotte Poulsen" Contemporary Ceramics Centre The Terminal

          (Cher), July 17 to August 11.

2009 - "Charlotte Poulsen, sandstone sculptures, Zaurel, Prints and Paper» Gallery    

          Genevieve Godar, Lille (north), from May 7 to June 8

2006 - "African Bestiary" gallery Don Montsalvy (Cantal), from 1 July to 10 August.

          "Fabienne Claesen, Charlotte Poulsen, a duet," House of Arts, Conches (Eure), July

           8 to September 2.

           "Charlotte Poulsen and Nanook Anne Pham," Loes & Reinier gallery, Deventer (NL),

           October 22 to November 18.

2005 - "At the discretion of the sands," the painter Pierre Duclou gallery, Sassi-Milici,


2004 - "Caroline Chevalier and Charlotte Poulsen," Gloria Keramikum gallery Hasse,

           Darmstadt (D).

          "On the other antelope," gallery of the Old Post Toucy.

2002 - "Tracks", with Philippe Dubuc and painter Simone Partyka, Gallery Terra Viva, Saint-


          "Zebras on Nère" Castle Stuart, Aubigny-sur-Nere.

2001 - "Menagerie" 4th day of ceramics, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris.

2000 - "The Opera giraffes" ceramic center, La Borne.


Groups exhibitions

2012 - "Terranimale" Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, 1, 2 and 3 June.

          Castle Gallery Gargilesse, May 26 to September 2.

2011 - "Salon - Contrasts" Dating Ceramics, 2011 in Roubaix on 11, 12 and 13 March.

2010 - Participation in a collective cooking, for a period of 10 days and nights, baked

          Japanese type

         "Teppo-gama" La Borne. With Steen Kepp, Claudi Casanovas, Pep Madrenas and 

          Fabienne Classen".

         "Land of Footprints" International Contemporary Ceramics, The Salt of Sevres,

          Sèvres 21 May to 13 June

2009 - "The Great Exhibition 20 Years" Terra Viva Gallery, Saint-Quentin-la Pottery (Gard)

          June 14 to July 20

2008 - "Bestiary" house of contemporary ceramics, Giroussens (Tarn), February 15 to April


          "Kunst 2008," Gamle Aabyhoj (Denmark) from 12 April to 20 August.

          "Natuur Sculptuur XXXVIII" Eersel (Netherlands) from 24 May to 24 August.

          "Animal Land" The Brickyard, Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor), from 31 May to 28 


2007 - "1997-2007, 10 years of the gallery," gallery of the Old Post Toucy (Yonne)

          March 3 to May 3, with Helena Klug, Brigitte Sabatier and Charlotte Poulsen.

          "An air campaign," Médiart gallery, Paris third with Louis Jordan, painter, May 3 to 

          May 26

          "Days of Ceramics", 10th Edition, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6th, July 5 to July 8

          The 10th Meeting ceramic terminal (Cher), invited Eva Haudum (O) and Charlotte

          Thorup (DK) from July 13 to July 21.

         "Contemporary Ceramics, LeZ'Animaux" Castle boiling, Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-

         et-Marne), from September 8 to October 10 (with Lou Lost, Joëlle Gervais, Catherine


2006 - "land animal" gallery ANAGAMA, Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), September 28

         to October 14.

         25th Biennial Baugé (Maine-et-Loire), center René of Anjou, October 5 to 25.

2005 - Photo Genevieve Godar, Lille.

         Gallery of Old Post Toucy.

         "Beasts of clay," gallery ANAGAMA, Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

         4th Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics, Castle Grand Pressigny.

         "Land contemporary land of freedom," National Museum of Ceramics, Sevres.

2004 - "Earth Beasts" Joseph Déchelette museum, Roanne.

2003 - "Photographs [Michel Zoladz] and works of artists," Diorama Gallery, Geneva (CH).

          "Bottles and Cans" Terra Viva Gallery, Saint-Quentin-la-Pottery.

2002 - "Spring Tea and" The Laundrette, Clamart.

          "The Madness of the teapot," Terra Viva Gallery, Saint-Quentin-la-Pottery.

2001 - "Light the Fire ...", Galerie Pierre, Paris.

          "Land of Women" space Grandjean, Vallauris.

2000 - "Künstlerisches Spielzeug - spielerische Kunst" exhibition 23rd "Heim und

          Handwerk", Munich (D).