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The gallery is located on the Voorstraat (dike and shopping street), in the old town of Dordrecht, the oldest city in Holland, close to Rotterdam, in a monumental house built in the 18th century. Close to the Grote Kerk, across the street from the Voorstraathaven. Mamiko first started with her own studio (paintings) and in September 2010 with organizing exhibitions (6-7 exhibitions per year) and presenting artists in the field of contemporary art for ceramics, paintings and etchings. From September 2015 she has been concentrating more on making her own work, paintings, and exhibiting them. From time to time she organizes an exhibition with artists.




Gallery IROHA - Atelier Mamiko Nagatomo presents contemporary art from ceramics, paper and paintings.


Opening hour:

Friday, Saturday: 12:00 - 17:00
By appointment: Tel. 078 611 9835 or by email.


Galerie Iroha
Voorstraat 487, 3311CV Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Tél : +31 (0)6 1421 8452
E-mail : info@galerie-iroha.nl

Web site : www.galerie’iroha.nl


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