Nathalie Sonnet

Nathalie Sonnet born in Normandy, France and grew up in a family passionate about drawing and painting. After studying history at the University of Caen, then art history and archeology at the Sorbonne, she worked for sixteen years at the Louvre museum.

Along with her work, she continues training as a ceramist at the Institute of French ceramics (ICF) in Sèvres, in the "master" Augusto Tozzola Arcueil, or in the workshop Christine Ladevèze Counterpoint Igny.
In 2003, she decided to devote herself entirely to her vocation and began planning a workshop in Villerville, Normandy. Passionate researchin the same way in the forming also glaze. It creates pieces of clay by tours, molded or modeled columbine.
Her passion for nature influence her works and results in green moss, white sand, blue lagoon....



1980-2000 Initial course - Introduction to Ceramics by subject:

• Masters Degree in History - University of Caen (1985)

• Master of Art History and Archaeology - University Paris IV Sorbonne (1997)

• professional services activity of the Louvre (1988-2003)


2000-2002 Approach to the ceramic material and practice - learning:

• Augusto Workshop Tozzola Arcueil, turning (2000-2001)

• Institute of French Sèvres ceramics ICF turning, modeling, plaster molding, glazing (2001)

• Atelier Contrepoint - Christine Ladevèze Igny : study and research of sandstone glazes

(2001- 2002)


2004-2005 Installation of ceramics studio in Normandy




2004-2006 Salons designers in Paris

2006 (May 26-Jun. 18) Leopold Sedar Senghor Cultural Center, Port-en-Bessin (Calvados),                  with Annick Langowski (drawings)

2008 Gallery AU.QUAI.DOCK, Lisieux (Calvados)

2009 2010 Comme un dimanche, Caen (Calvados)

2012 (May 22-Jun. 27) Espace Evanescence, The Oudon (Calvados), "Prima Terra" -

        20 artists of the world

2010 (Nov. 2-Dec. 31) Médiathèque de Lisieux (Calvados), "Les Jeux de cette famille " -

        a group of artists, their personal creations and teamwork

2011 (25 Jun. -7 Aug) Espace Evanescence, The Oudon (Calvados), " Infiniment Bleu, de                           l’ombre à la lumière" - glass artists, potters, mosaic artists and painters

        (30 Mar.-1 Apr.) Festival ceramics, Paris 11 ° 2012

2012 (12-14 April) Festival ceramics, Paris 11 °

2013 (February 8 to March 30) L'Atelier Paris 12 ° "L appartement" Ateliers d'Art de France                       (4 and 5 May) Ceramic Biennale of Steenwerck