Toshi Takeuchi




Born in Kobe, Japan

Sutudies in architecture, Nagoya University, Japan



Start studies and activities in the domain of ceramics

Study in an aterier for traditional ceramics at Tachikui, Hyogo, Japan

Study in the atelier of J-c. de Crousaz, Bernex, Geneva, Switzerland

Worked in dierend ateliers on ceramics



Own atelier at Oulens, Canton Vaud, Switzerland



Lives and works in Penthalaz, close to Lausanne, Switzerland

Expositions / Prize:

Several solo or group expositions at Horgen, Montreux, Denges, Zurich, Winterthur (16th Biannual of Ceramics, ACS), Lausanne, Vallorbe, Saint-Cergue (Salon de ceramique utilitaire), Caroute, Lutry, Morges, Berne(Centre culturel japonais), Mendrisio(TI) and Unterseen (Interlaken).


Prize of the Carouge City, 11th Edition of the International Competition in Ceramics of Carouge City 2007

*Member of the Swiss Association for Ceramists, and the Swiss Form Forum


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